On Sale

This snare just sold on ebay


This 3 Pc kit on sale, $1295

  1. WOW! AZ is knocking it out of the park. the dog

  2. ron macklin says:

    Saw your posting on ebay. Local (Pittsburgh) drummer interested in your snare drums. Can I buy driect from you and pick up or are you tried into ebay? Would like to pick up drum soon,your drums look fantastic anixious to hear how they sound. Thanks


  3. Hey Ron, you can pick up any custom order or ebay item directly, so NO delivery costs. I’m in the North Hills of Pittsburgh.

  4. Ms.Beaux domineaux Cormier says:

    Are you still making. Drums? Wish to order set. Custom from you. My ###. 520. 561. 7617. ThanNx. BXDC….&. Koni…..in. Tucson. Its. December •13•2016. Blessings!🎅

    • Ms. Cormier,

      Thank you so much for your inquiry. I am very much making custom drums. What are you interested in and are you playing anywhere?
      Doc Boles

      • Beaux D. Cormier says:

        Halo Ron! Are you in Tucson? If so wish to meet in person for this “Kit”
        Can you make …24×18 and 26 x18 bass drums? Next 2 over sized toms(2) and floor toms 16 16. And. 18 x16 and then snare 14x 7. Inch •• a “Bonham • ish** need costs of woods and plus and custom set for drum wraps! A dream set from my mum above😇 thanks,
        Ms.Beaux Cormier
        Peace ✌

      • Beaux, I just need the type of lugs, hoops, and finish that you would like.


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